What is Slasher Camp?

Slasher CampThe Movie Inside the Movie:

Slasher Camp is a cult classic, but fairly unknown, horror movie from 1983.  It's about a group of high-school graduates that travel into the woods for a caretaking job at a large lake house.  The problem is the lodge sits across the water from Camp Raven Lake!  The camp was abandoned years ago after a brutal massacre shut the place down forever.  The story goes that the murderer, Billy Volcheck, still stalks the lake even though he was thought dead many years ago.

Now Scott has somehow found himself trapped inside the actual movie.  Either cursed, bad luck, or an all too real nightmare, Scott has to find a way out before the movie ends


What is Slasher Camp?

Slasher Camp is the 1980’s “movie-inside-the-movie” that Scott gets trapped in somehow. When he comes-to after a drunken car wreck into a river, Scott finds a very strange, but very familiar world. The 1980s. But this isn’t just the 1980s, this is a 1980’s Horror Movie!

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